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  • PEEK Tubing for HPLC
  • PEEK Tubing for HPLC
  • PEEK Tubing for HPLC
  • PEEK Tubing for HPLC

PEEK Tubing for HPLC


Uncover a new dimension of chromatographic precision and efficiency with our specially crafted PEEK Tubing designed for High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). In the intricate world of analytical chemistry, where accuracy and reliability are paramount, our PEEK Tubing stands as a game-changing solution.


Material ARKPEEK-1000: 100% PEEK

Engineered to excel in the demanding environment of HPLC, our PEEK Tubing serves as the conduit that guides your samples through the intricacies of separation and analysis. Its exceptional chemical resistance ensures that interactions are minimized, preserving the integrity of your samples and allowing for the most accurate results.

The inherent inertness of PEEK material is a cornerstone of its effectiveness in HPLC applications. It maintains the purity of your samples, prevents contamination, and contributes to the consistency of your analyses. This tubing is a silent hero, enabling you to focus on your research and data interpretation without worrying about interference from the tubing itself.

Moreover, the durability of PEEK Tubing ensures that it can withstand the pressures and demands of high-performance liquid chromatography without compromising its structural integrity. This reliability translates to consistent performance over time, allowing you to trust in the accuracy of your results, experiment after experiment.

Whether you're conducting research, quality control, or process optimization, our PEEK Tubing for HPLC is your ally in achieving precise separations and reliable analyses. Elevate your chromatographic endeavors to new heights of excellence with the confidence that comes from using a tubing solution that is purpose-built for the complexities of high-performance liquid chromatography. Experience chromatography at its finest with PEEK Tubing designed to empower your analytical journey.

Size Table

Product specifications
PEEK Capillary1(±0.05)0.45(±0.05)
1/16"PEEK CapillaryΦ1.5-Φ1.60Φ0.13
1/16"PEEK CapillaryΦ1.5-Φ1.60Φ0.25
1/16"PEEK CapillaryΦ1.5-Φ1.60Φ0.50
1/16"PEEK CapillaryΦ1.5-Φ1.60Φ0.75
1/16"PEEK CapillaryΦ1.5-Φ1.60Φ1.25
PEEK CapillaryΦ1.7-Φ1.8Φ0.66-Φ0.8
PEEK CapillaryΦ2.5Φ1.5
PEEK CapillaryΦ2.5Φ1.9
PEEK CapillaryΦ2.45Φ2.1
1/8"PEEK CapillaryΦ3.10-Φ3.22Φ1.00
1/8"PEEK CapillaryΦ3.10-Φ3.22Φ1.60
PEEK CapillaryΦ4Φ3.4
PEEK CapillaryΦ4.5Φ2.5
PEEK CapillaryΦ20.5Φ16.5
PEEK CapillaryΦ12Φ11
PEEK CapillaryΦ11Φ7.5
PEEK CapillaryΦ6Φ4
PEEK CapillaryΦ19.8Φ16.5


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