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  • PEEK Shaft Liner
  • PEEK Shaft Liner
  • PEEK Shaft Liner
  • PEEK Shaft Liner
  • PEEK Shaft Liner

PEEK Shaft Liner

Medical-grade, Biocompatible PEEK Polymer Materials

Our medical-grade PEEK shaft liners are designed to ensure safe and reliable delivery of medical liquids. These PEEK tubing liner are made from durable and corrosion-resistant polyetheretherketone polymer material, and reduce friction and wear during delivery. Invest in the safety and reliability of your medical liquid delivery system with our high-quality PEEK shaft liners.


Key Features of PEEK Liner Tubing:

• Ultra hard material

• Very good chemical resistance

• Stable at temperatures up to 228°C

• Excellent abrasion resistance

• Flame retardant (UL94 V-0)

• Very tight dimensional tolerances

PEEK Tubing:

• In coils, on spools or straight lengths with clean, square cuts

• Translucent or Opaque

• Wall thickness varying along length (Bumped tubing)

• Coloured PEEK tubing

• Multi-Layer PEEK tubing

• Reinforced PEEK tubing (Stainless Steel Wires)

 Shaped tubing

Properties Information
PropertyReference StandardTest MethodUnitSpecificationResult
Physical PropertiesGlass TransitionASTM F2026ASTM D3418°C125-165147
Temperature, Tg
Melt Temperature, TmASTM F2026ASTM D3418°C320-360338
RecrystallizationASTM F2026ASTM D3418°C260-320289
Temperature, Tc
ViscosityASTM F2026ISO 11443Pa·s400-480437
Infrared SpectrumASTM F2026ASTM F1579/See Appendix X1See Appendix X2
DensityASTM F2026ASTM D1505kg/m31280-13201294
Chemical PropertiesTotal Heavy Metals (Ag, As, Bi, Cd, Cu, Hg, Mo, Pb, Sb, and Sn), maxASTM F2026US Pharmacopeia,ppm<100<10
Test 233
Mechanical PropertiesTensile Strength at Yield (zero slope), minASTM F2026ASTM D638, Type IV, 5.08 cm/minMPa90105
Tensile Strength at Break, minASTM F2026ASTM D638, Type IV, 5.08 cm/minMPa7080
Elongation at Break, minASTM F2026ASTM D638, Type IV, 5.08 cm/min%518
Flexural Strength, minASTM F2026ASTM D790MPa110163
Flexural Modulus, minASTM F2026ASTM D790GPa34
Impact Strength,ASTM F2026ISO 180kJ/m249
Notched Izod, min
Biological PropertiesGenotoxicityISO 10993-3ISO 10993-3/NegativeNegative
Animal Intracutaneous (Intradermal) ReactivityISO 10993-10ISO 10993-10/≤10
Skin SensitizationISO 10993-10ISO 10993-10/≤10
Acute Systemic ToxicityISO 10993-11ISO 10993-11/No Acute Systemic ToxicityNo Acute Systemic Toxicity
Subchronic Systemic ToxicityISO 10993-11ISO 10993-11/No Subchronic Systemic ToxicityNo Subchronic Systemic Toxicity
local Effects After ImplantationISO 10993-6ISO10993-6/No obvious difference between the test sample and the control sampleNo obvious difference between the test sample and the control sample
In Vitro CytotoxicityISO 10993-5ISO10993-5/≤11
Evaluation of Haemolytic PropertiesISO 10993-4ISO10993-4%<51
Material Mediated PyrogensISO 10993-11ISO 10993-11/No Pyrogenic ResponsesNo Pyrogenic Responses
Extractables of The MaterialISO 10993-18ISO 10993-18μg/gThe contents of Phenyl Sulfone≤300The contents of Phenyl Sulfone<0.09

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