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PEEK Medical


  • ASTM F2026 PEEK Polymer
  • ASTM F2026 PEEK Polymer
  • ASTM F2026 PEEK Polymer
  • ASTM F2026 PEEK Polymer

ASTM F2026 PEEK Polymer

Medical-grade, biocompatible PEEK polymer materials

ARK-BioPEEK offer ASTM F2026-17 compliant polyetheretherketone (PEEK) polymers designed specifically for surgical implant applications. Our advanced PEEK materials provide exceptional biocompatibility, mechanical strength, and thermal stability, meeting the stringent requirements of surgical implantation. Trust ARKPEEK and ARK-BioPEEK for high-quality PEEK solutions that ensure reliable and long-lasting performance in surgical procedures.

ARK-BioPEEK introduce a range of cutting-edge polyetheretherketone (PEEK) polymers meticulously engineered for surgical implant applications. Our PEEK materials adhere to the rigorous specifications outlined in ASTM F2026-17, ensuring compliance with industry standards and delivering uncompromising quality.


Designed to meet the demanding requirements of surgical procedures, our PEEK polymers exhibit exceptional biocompatibility, allowing for safe and reliable implantation within the human body. The mechanical strength of ARK-BioPEEK ensures robustness and durability, offering the necessary support for surgical implants to withstand various physiological stresses.

With thermal stability as a key characteristic, our PEEK materials maintain their structural integrity even under challenging conditions, enabling long-term performance and stability within the implant environment. The materials' resistance to degradation and wear enhances their longevity, providing confidence to healthcare professionals and patients alike.

ARK-BioPEEK prioritize the well-being and safety of patients, which is why our PEEK polymers undergo rigorous testing and validation to guarantee their suitability for surgical implant applications. Our commitment to innovation drives us to continually enhance the performance and properties of our PEEK materials, ensuring they remain at the forefront of surgical implant solutions.

Choose ARK-BioPEEK for your surgical implant needs and experience the benefits of next-generation PEEK materials. Trust in our expertise, reliability, and dedication to delivering high-quality PEEK polymers that redefine the standards of surgical implant applications.

Properties Information
PropertyReference StandardTest MethodUnitSpecificationResult
Physical PropertiesGlass TransitionASTM F2026ASTM D3418°C125-165147
Temperature, Tg
Melt Temperature, TmASTM F2026ASTM D3418°C320-360338
RecrystallizationASTM F2026ASTM D3418°C260-320289
Temperature, Tc
ViscosityASTM F2026ISO 11443Pa·s400-480437
Infrared SpectrumASTM F2026ASTM F1579/See Appendix X1See Appendix X2
DensityASTM F2026ASTM D1505kg/m31280-13201294
Chemical PropertiesTotal Heavy Metals (Ag, As, Bi, Cd, Cu, Hg, Mo, Pb, Sb, and Sn), maxASTM F2026US Pharmacopeia,ppm<100<10
Test 233
Mechanical PropertiesTensile Strength at Yield (zero slope), minASTM F2026ASTM D638, Type IV, 5.08 cm/minMPa90105
Tensile Strength at Break, minASTM F2026ASTM D638, Type IV, 5.08 cm/minMPa7080
Elongation at Break, minASTM F2026ASTM D638, Type IV, 5.08 cm/min%518
Flexural Strength, minASTM F2026ASTM D790MPa110163
Flexural Modulus, minASTM F2026ASTM D790GPa34
Impact Strength,ASTM F2026ISO 180kJ/m249
Notched Izod, min
Biological PropertiesGenotoxicityISO 10993-3ISO 10993-3/NegativeNegative
Animal Intracutaneous (Intradermal) ReactivityISO 10993-10ISO 10993-10/≤10
Skin SensitizationISO 10993-10ISO 10993-10/≤10
Acute Systemic ToxicityISO 10993-11ISO 10993-11/No Acute Systemic ToxicityNo Acute Systemic Toxicity
Subchronic Systemic ToxicityISO 10993-11ISO 10993-11/No Subchronic Systemic ToxicityNo Subchronic Systemic Toxicity
local Effects After ImplantationISO 10993-6ISO10993-6/No obvious difference between the test sample and the control sampleNo obvious difference between the test sample and the control sample
In Vitro CytotoxicityISO 10993-5ISO10993-5/≤11
Evaluation of Haemolytic PropertiesISO 10993-4ISO10993-4%<51
Material Mediated PyrogensISO 10993-11ISO 10993-11/No Pyrogenic ResponsesNo Pyrogenic Responses
Extractables of The MaterialISO 10993-18ISO 10993-18μg/gThe contents of Phenyl Sulfone≤300The contents of Phenyl Sulfone<0.09

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