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Application of PEEK Material in the Petrochemical Industry

Jun. 05, 2024

Application of PEEK Material in the Petrochemical Industry


Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) is a high-performance specialty engineering plastic known for its exceptional heat resistance, chemical resistance, mechanical strength, and self-lubricating properties. Since its commercialization in the late 1970s, the application of PEEK in the petrochemical industry has become increasingly widespread, making it the preferred material for many critical components and equipment.

Characteristics of PEEK Material

PEEK material possesses the following main characteristics:

Heat Resistance: PEEK can operate continuously at temperatures up to 260°C, with short-term heat resistance reaching up to 300°C.

Chemical Resistance: PEEK exhibits excellent resistance to most solvents, chemicals, and fuels.

Mechanical Strength: PEEK maintains high tensile strength and impact resistance even at elevated temperatures.

Self-Lubricating Properties: PEEK has excellent self-lubricating properties, reducing friction and wear.

Hydrolysis Resistance: PEEK shows outstanding stability in water and steam.

Radiation Stability: PEEK can withstand high doses of radiation without degradation.

Applications of PEEK in the Petrochemical Industry

Valves and Seals

PEEK material is widely used in the manufacture of valves and seals due to its chemical resistance and self-lubricating properties. These components are often exposed to corrosive media and high-temperature environments during petrochemical processes, and the use of PEEK significantly enhances the durability and reliability of the equipment.

Pumps and Pipeline Systems

The chemical resistance and heat resistance of PEEK make it an ideal choice for pumps and pipeline systems. When transporting corrosive or high-temperature fluids, PEEK pipes and pump components offer longer service life and lower maintenance costs.

Reactors and Heat Exchangers

In chemical reactors and heat exchangers, PEEK material is used to manufacture components resistant to chemical corrosion and high temperatures, such as reactor linings, heat exchanger plates, and pipes. These applications of PEEK help improve process efficiency and safety.

Filters and Separators

PEEK material is also used to make filters and separators, especially in applications requiring the separation of fine particles or the filtration of corrosive liquids. The chemical resistance and mechanical strength of PEEK ensure the long life and high efficiency of the filtering elements.

Sensors and InstrumentsThe heat resistance and chemical resistance of PEEK make it an ideal material for manufacturing sensors and instruments, particularly in scenarios requiring accurate measurement of temperature, pressure, and chemical composition in harsh environments.


The multifaceted properties of PEEK material make it an indispensable material in the petrochemical industry. With advances in technology and the development of new materials, particularly the maturation of PEEK composites in recent years, the scope and depth of PEEK's applications will continue to expand, bringing more innovation and improvement to the petrochemical industry.