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PEEK Machined Parts

Feb. 18, 2023

When it comes to applications that require high-performance plastic, PEEK is often a top recommendation. You may be wondering, what is PEEK plastic, and why is it so popular? Here are ARKPEEK, we often refer to PEEK as the "powerhouse polymer". PEEK machined parts are incredibly strong and durable, so it makes a great fit for a wide array of uses across nearly every industry.


Why Choose PEEK Plastic?


PEEK stands for “polyetheretherketone,” making it part of the broader family of ketone polymers. The unique chemical structure of this thermoplastic makes it incredibly strong and dimensionally stable both under load and in the harshest environments.

High temperature resistance – Serves continuously at temperatures of 500° F and has a melting point of over 700ºF

High tensile strength (16,000 psi) and high flexural strength (25,000 psi)

Very low moisture absorption

Excellent fatigue, stress-crack, and creep resistance

Excellent electrical properties

Good wear and abrasion resistance

Outstanding chemical resistance – Unfilled PEEK offers broad chemical resistance that approaches that of PTFE, but with far greater strength.

Biocompatible – With a high strength and modulus that approximates human bone, PEEK is often used for spinal implants and skull reconstruction.

PEEK plastic is also available in a variety of grades that offer enhanced properties for specific use. For example, glass-fiber-reinforced PEEK has a reduced expansion rate, increased flexural modulus, and excellent electrical and thermal insulation characteristics. Likewise, carbon-fiber-reinforced PEEK has the highest strength and stiffness properties, outstanding wear resistance and load-carrying capabilities, and higher thermal conductivity.


What Can PEEK Machined Parts Be Used For?

PEEK machined parts can be used in:

· Semiconductors and electronics

· Oil & gas components

· Aerospace parts

· Food appliances and packaging

· Medical devices and implants

PEEK plastic use has especially risen in the medical field. In addition to functioning well in bearings, pumps, piston parts, and cable insulation, PEEK makes for superior medical devices due to the aforementioned perks of PEEK. A few examples of PEEK machined parts in the medical field include:

· Dental implants

· Bone screws and pins

· Neurological and cardiac leads

· Spinal implants

· Hip stem components

· Tissue anchors

· Suture screws

· Grafts

· Pacemakers

· Shoulder anchors

· Fusion devices

· Dialysis pump filters

· Spiked washers

· Centrifuges and disc filters

PEEK Machined Parts