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PEEK Raw Material


  • ARK-FB905 High Strength Glass PEEK

ARK-FB905 High Strength Glass PEEK

Form: Granule;

Compositon: Custom Glass Fiber Reinforced PEEK;

Feature: High Mechanical Strength;

Application: Injection Moulding.


Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) is one of the most widely used high-performance polymers in the poly aryl ether resin family. As a semi-crystalline thermoplastic polymer, it has advantages such as high-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance, wear resistance, high strength, corrosion resistance, gamma ray radiation resistance, fatigue resistance, easy forming etc. It is a high-performance polymer with the best comprehensive performance.

Below is our PEEK Granules Grades, contact us for a solution.

ProductGradeFeatureApplicable Process
Pure PEEK ResinARK8100G, ARK8100G-SHigh / Meduim ViscosityExtrusion
Pure PEEK ResinARK8200GStandard ViscosityInjection Moulding & Film
Pure PEEK ResinARK8800GLow ViscosityInjection Moulding & Filament
Pure PEEK ResinARK8900GUltra-low ViscosityInjection Moulding & Modification
Common Carbon PEEKARK8200CF (20% or 30% Carbon)Standard ViscosityInjection Moulding & Extrusion
Common Carbon PEEKARK8800CF (20, 30, 40% Carbon)Low ViscosityInjection Moulding
High Strength Carbon PEEK
ARK-FB930High StrengthInjection Moulding
Common Glass PEEKARK8200GF (10, 20, 30% Glass)Standard ViscosityInjection Moulding & Extrusion
Common Glass PEEKARK8800GF (20, 30% Glass)Low ViscosityInjection Moulding
High Strength Glass PEEKARK-FB905High StrengthInjection Moulding
Ceramic PEEKARK-HDR422, HDR423, HDR42420% or 30% Ceramic FilledInjection Moulding & Extrusion
ESD PEEKARK-ESD802Surface Resistivity 10E6~9Extrusion
ESD PEEKARK-ESD801Surface Resistivity 10E6~9Injection Moulding
PTFE PEEKARK-HE61010% PTFE FilledInjection Moulding
PTFE PEEKARK-HE61120% PTFE FilledInjection Moulding

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